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Beginning Measurements

The whole point of this journey and this blog is that I may be honest with myself and others about this journey. I dont want to put on a fake facade about how easy and how wonderful my journey is. Truthfully, just in these couple of days the cravings and the  lack of motivation is there! Im trying to train my mind to stop wanting all the hot Cheetos I can get a hold of and replacing that craving with an apple or another healthy snack. To gain motivations I decided I would take my measurements. I want anyone reading this to have a clear understanding of where I have began from where I am in the future. Oh boy did it work!!! As I look that these pictures it shows me how much I need this change! It is also daunting because I have so far to go. But with peoples advise, support, and my will power I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!

*Bust= 43 in., *stomach= 40 in., *Hips=44 in., *thighs= 26in., *arms=13in., *neck=14in.



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