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10 day update

Theses last ten days have been hard! The biggest lifestyle change I have adopted is working out for an hour for 3 days out of my week and making smarter meal choices. So I’m not counting calories all I’m doing is making healthier upgrades of food. For example, instead of eating beef 83% lean I am either eating 93% beef or switching it all together to lean turkey. Also portion control has helped me a lot. Realizing that mindless eating doesn’t satisfy me has shown me that enjoying the small portion that I have and tasting every bit gives me the satisfaction that I am looking for.  So Far I have lost 5bls Im sure some of it is water weight but even if it is I feel better. I have energy and I am a lot happier lately. By the end of the mouth I am going to retake my measurements and hopefully I have some more progress.

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